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If you would like to stay up to date with all the current opportunities in the EPG acquisitions market please click here and register with us.  You will then be the first to receive the latest information on EPGs for sale.

We work to maintain the definitive database of broadcasters who have EPGs for sale at various price points. Once appointed we will work assiduously for you to help you get what you want as quickly as possible for the right price. 


About the market:

The more you can pay, the quicker generally you will be able to find something suitable.

Prices fluctuate greatly, depending upon the supply of EPGs available and the amount of buyers who are ready with the appropriate capital. If you want a bargain, patience and being able to move very quickly is essential.


Our service:

We will either locate an EPG slot for sale in your desired category - Entertainment, Sport, Shopping etc – where you will pay for a set position, or we will find you an EPG slot in another genre, in which case we will aid you in the novation process where the EPG will be renumbered and you will enter the new genre at the bottom of the genre listing.

If you are a broadcaster who wants to move up a specific genre, or possibly cash in a valuable asset and move down the EPG, we can help you with these tasks. We can help negotiate the sale of your EPG and the purchase of another, in one transaction.

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