Checklist for Buyers

The EPG market is extremely fluid with EPGs coming available at short notice and being snapped up extremely quickly. It is essential that you have or will:

  1. 1) Applied for your broadcasting licence from OFCOM – we can aid you with this process (for a small fee), or simply tell you the basics for free, so you can do it.
  2. 2) Have sufficient funds ready to pay a deposit (commonly 30%). We hold this deposit in trust pending the completion of the sale.
  3. 3) With some EPGs you will find that they are encumbered with contracts for services such as playout and bandwidth. We can advise you on their relative benefit and help you, if required, negotiate more favourable terms.
  4. 4) Be able to complete the payments upon transfer agreement by BSkyB in between 2-6 weeks (Sky's usual turnaround time is 4 weeks once the parties have agreed terms, but it can be shorter and often longer.)
  5. 5) Chosen a playout and uplink / satellite bandwidth. Again we as part of our service can advise you on reputable suppliers and what you can expect to pay, for free. If you would like us to negotiate the best deal on your behalf (again for a small fee) we can help you here. Ideally you will have a contact agreed with these vendors so you are able to start broadcasting immediately once the transaction is completed. Remember, you risk the loss of your EPG if you do not start transmission on time.
  6. 6) Have all scheduling and programming planned and ready to start upon completion. This is not an area of our core competence but we can steer you to providers in this field.
  7. 7) We recommend that you have a lawyer experienced in this field ready to support you if required.
  8. 8) Do not go into the market and try and buy an EPG for yourself if you have engaged us. It is a small market so multiple enquiries tends to drive the prices up and or delay matters as vendors assume there are multiple competing purchasers. As we are new to the market, we charge the lowest commission, so you will get the best price through us.