We have a good track record in valuing EPGs and offer this as a professional service for broadcasters that need to demonstrate for their balance sheet a value of their position.

The demand for EPGs fluctuates. Through us you can get the maximum price for your asset. We will market your EPG confidentially, or as openly as you require. We maintain a database of purchasers with different requirements and will be able to find you a buyer as quickly as the market allows.

Please register with us through this link, or call or e-mail us, so we can have a confidential discussion. We will then be able to advise you on the likely value of your EPG and explain the process. As you are no doubt aware, the transfer process needs to be handled with great care, if you fail to follow the correct procedures your EPG being taken back by Sky. We will advise you on what is required and the likely time scales.

Prices vary hugely depending upon the ranking of your EPG and with the state of the market. If you are able to be patient, generally you can maximise your price, offering your EPG at a time where there are more buyers than sellers and we can then conduct a competitive auction on your behalf.