Service Providers

We recognise that service providers are often the first to know about broadcasters that need to sell their EPG, or need to buy for launch. We will help you clients in this process and, if selling, work with you to help you gain new business from the new broadcaster that takes over the EPG. Equally, we advise our clients on the best sources of Playout, Uplink, Scheduling etc, so it is our mutual interst that we know as much about you and your services so that we can best advise our clients of the opportunities to purchase services.  With our client’s permission, we will let you know of their requirements in order to deal with them directly, or in some cases we may negotiate on their behalf. If you are a service provider and you’d like to work with The EPG Shop to acquire new contracts, or to let us know of your clients' requirements, please contact us here,  or call /  email us so that we can get to know you better.